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Lost confessions of an everlasting love…

Ok, I know I didn't finish the first on yet, but I had this one written for quite a while now.
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo& Shibutani Subaru
Rating: Safe
Genre: Letters/ Angst
Description: When one isn't there anymore... But the love will forever exist.

Ryo- chan : "All I wanted was to give you a smile... All I wanted to see WAS your smile! That warm, heart-filling smile that I had envisioned right from the moment I was born. I wished for you to give me your best and tried my best to make you really feel like you could show me that smile I always longed for...Even though I had no tears, I shed them all for you deep inside my soul, and even though everyone thought I was not capable of even once loving, I felt like all my life had been created the same moment I met you. There were times I did not know what was I supposed to do, not even who I was, there were moments when I was lost and when I could not reach you anymore, but those moments were so painful, and not seeing your smile was so overwhelming, that I always came back to you and begged for your mercy... And you always took me back. You always knew when I needed your warmth and you always knew when my life itself was not enough anymore. You gave me you hand, you gave me a heart, and you shared your life with me. And I thank you. Not even death seems so scary anymore. Not even the loneliness affects me anymore, when I now I'll always have you in a way or another, in one of your forms or another. I was born from your soul and was given a life due to your wish. I lived for you, and you were my life entirely. That night I wished to see you happy and you told me you will always be happy for me. All I want now is to always carry with me the strength of your smile and the warmth of your laughter. All I want now is to always remember... To remember the one who you were and the one who you made me; One soul... One smile"

Subaru-kun : "You came to my life for only a few days... That's how it felt like. I did not see you, you tried to shine more and more for my sake. I did not want you, but you always tried harder
and harder. You gave me hope, you gave me strength, you gave me love. And you never asked
for anything in return; and I never gave you anything back... You said you loved my smile...
Well, that's so like you. You were hurt, but you always took care of me, you were sad, but you always tried to cheer on me. You gave me everything you had and I ended up opening my soul to you. I ended up giving you more than a smile, more than love, my life entirely. I ended up falling for you, and all I wanted was to never let go of your hand. All I needed were your tender and caring arms and your lively feelings that had always reached for me in the moments I most needed you. I loved you; with all my might and... and you left. All I had left were memories, promises and wishes. All you had left behind was the memory of your kind face, your heart and a smile... my smile... And even though my heart cries right now, I'll keep smiling for your sake. I'll always show you that I can be strong even now when I need you so much, when I miss your words so much and when I feel like I will never stand up again. I know you'd wanted me to. I know. Even though it's night for me right now, I still have that shooting star you made a wish upon to light up my way again. I still have your love that was too strong to fade away so soon... Good night, my love. Don't forget that my smile will always be yours and let me feel your love forever."

Tags: fanfic, nishikido ryo, shibutani subaru

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